Global Art Gathering

I’ve been taking Make Art That Sells Bootcamp course – a very motivating and challenging online course.   Our assignment this month was to design a poster for a conference in June.  Mine was too much of a rush job, but I was happy with the lettering. To see all the awesome submissions, click here.

Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival – Kite Dance


Vancouver Urban Sketchers met at Kits Beach to take part in the Cherry Blossom Festival.  Today’s event was a flock of pink kites – like cherry blossoms falling from the sky.  It was a gorgeous Easter Sunday, but quite cold.  My hands got really stiff in the cold wind.

About 50 different cultivars of flowering cherry trees come into bloom in Metro Vancouver in the spring, painting neighbourhoods pink and white.

Faux postage

denise_tonner_indonesia_wayang_golek copy

Stamps are fascinating windows on culture and make very affordable souvenirs.  People of a certain age can recall making trips to the local post office when travelling, and selecting the most intriguing stamps to affix to letters home, some of which took weeks to reach their destination.  I’m an ESL teacher and over the years, students have sent me letters from their various countries.  These now constitute a small but valued collection.

Recently, I’ve been having fun making my own my own designs – I guess in philatelic jargon, they would be called ‘cinderellas’.  According to Nick Bantock, in his book, Urgent 2nd Class,  the reason ‘cinderellas’ are not more popular is the difficulty in finding a printer with a perforating machine.

Email and blogging are replacing ‘snail mail’, and the convenience is wonderful.  Will there still be a place for artistic stamps?  Some say the postage stamp will be replaced by a bar code, and that traditional stamps could become quite expensive.